The Veterinary Code

"What All Pet Lovers Should Know
About Vaccines, Cancer, Food And Supplements...

Find Alternatives That Will Keep Your Pets Healthy
And Help Them Live Long, Happy Lives"

The Veterinary Code:
The Truth About Pet Vaccines, Cancer, Food And Supplements

The Veterinary Code Webinar

This is a video recording of a 2 hour online seminar, held by Dr. Andrew Jones. In the webinar, Dr. Jones discusses:
  • The TRUTH about Pet Vaccines: What you SHOULD give to your dog or cat - and what to AVOID
  • Cancer: What you can do to help PREVENT cancer in your pet
  • Cancer Treatments - ALTERNATIVES to radiation and chemotherapy
  • Pet Food - Home Diets and RAW food
  • Dr. Jones' SAFE commercial pet food list
  • Supplements: What to look for in quality supplements
  • Heartworm: Are there alternatives to regular preventatives?
  • Flea Control: All about fleas, and the natural options you have

This critical Seminar is available as a Video Presentation on CD, that we'll ship to your door (and it's downloadable as well).

The video seminar comes with the in-depth companion report, a digital book that covers all aspects of the webinar:

And in addition to the webinar and the in-depth report, I'm offering you:

Three Super Bonuses Valued At $161.00
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The Video Seminar Today

FREE BONUS #1 - (Valued at $37.00):

      "The Pet Vaccine Report"

Extended report on Vaccines - goes into much more depth than the Veterinary Code, covers the main vaccines for dogs and cats, and the alternatives:
  • Dog and Cat Diseases For Which Vaccines Are Created
  • Side Effects Of Vaccines
  • Alternatives To Vaccines
  • Dr Jones' Vaccine Protocol
  • Homeopathics To Give Following Vaccines
Get "The Pet Vaccine Report" now!

FREE BONUS #2 - (Valued at $27.00):

      "Pet 911: Common Pet Emergencies and How To Respond FAST"
BE PREPARED: Learn how to treat your pet for The Top 7 Most Common Pet Emergencies
  • CPR - know what to do if your pet stops breathing
  • Abdominal wounds - this household item could save your pet
  • Chest injuries - actions you must take IMMEDIATELY

Get "Pet 911: Common Pet Emergencies" now!

FREE BONUS #3 - (Valued at $97.00)

*** FREE CD ***
"Dr. Jones' Pet Health Tutorials"

When you place your order today, you'll be shipped - RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR - my fantastic 4 VIDEO Pet Health Tutorial CD!

There are FOUR HOURS of Video Seminars on this CD, including:
  • Module 1: Herbs, Homeopathy Acupressure and Massage (1 hour 32 minutes)
    • Top Herbal Therapies, Homeopathy Explained, Healing with Acupressure, Step By Step Massage Treatment
  • Module 2: At Home Pet Health Exam (44 minutes)
    • Detailed At-Home Exam walk-through - learn what normals are, and what to look for
  • Module 3: Pet Food - Home Recipes, Raw Feeding (30 minutes)
    • Toxins to be aware of, how to make pet food at home, advice for Feeding Raw
  • Module 4: Emergency Dog and Cat Care (1 hour 14 minutes
    • The Top 10 Most Common Pet Emergencies and the Vital Steps you must take

And when you are sent this INCREDIBLE CD, you'll automatically become a member of my elite "Inner Circle" membership site, and receive one FREE Month of membership - 2 Bonuses in 1!!

And if you choose to remain a member at the end of the 30 days, you'll automatically receive another CD every single month!

Membership benefits include:

  • A NEW "Pet Health Cures" Inner Circle CD delivered to your door by postal mail every month!
    In my monthly CD, I interview leading authors and practitioners in the alternative pet health field, to help you improve and maintain your pet's health! Topics include additional alternative, holistic healing techniques, pet health and welfare issues, and more!
  • A LIVE Monthly Inner Circle Question and Answer Webinar / Teleseminar
  • Dog and Cat Food Section (a selection of home diets!)
  • Inner Circle Members Forum where you can ASK ME YOUR QUESTIONS! I will personally answer any pet health questions you have - just post them on the forum
  • Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Online Edition - easily search for the answers you need in the online book
  • Pet First Aid Secrets, Online Edition - my Pet First Aid Manual, online
  • The Pet Food Recall Webinar and The Veterinary Code Webinar - view both online now!
  • Hundreds of pages of pet health care content
  • Previously Recorded Teleseminars on multiple pet health topics
  • Database of Previously Answered Questions - find answers right away!

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Total Value Of All 3 Bonuses: $161.00

I want to make this COMPLETELY RISK-FREE for you. So I'm giving you a

100% 60 Day Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

If you and your pet are not 100% thrilled with the amazing information in this Online Webinar recording...

...then please contact me within 60 days and I'll quickly provide a full refund - with no objections and no hard feelings.

And this is the best part...

YOU CAN KEEP THE CD AND ALL OF THE BONUSES - KEEP EVERYTHING! Yes, I'm so convinced that my video will help your pet, that if in the unlikely event you request a refund, I'll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep the CD, ALL of the bonuses, EVERYTHING!

And if you do decide to return it, for the sake of your pet, at least try to implement some of changes I suggest. You have nothing to lose, and your pet has everything to gain.

The Veterinary Code Video Presentation is just under 2 hours long.


The Video Presentation is on CD, and is shipped to your door! NO downloading is required - although we will provide you with a download link right after your purchase if you'd like to download it as well.

Order "The Veterinary Code" now!

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  • Dr. Jones' Pet Health Tutorials CD - the FREE CD SHIPPED TO MY DOOR PLUS a 30 Day Unrestricted Membership to Dr. Andrew Jones' Inner Circle Membership site, including FULL access to the forum and ALL of the information on the site (automatically renews at $29 monthly, but I can cancel any time): $97.00 Value
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The Veterinary Code Webinar
Video Presentation

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To your pet's good health,

       Dr. Andrew Jones and Lewis

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

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